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All of our programs rely on the funding of generous community members, businesses and grants. Please make a donation to support one of our programs. If you’d prefer to support a specific program, let us know in the memo, and we’ll make sure to direct your funds accordingly. 

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“When Jackson started guitar lessons we hoped it would give him a connection to his dad who we had just lost, but it gave him so much more. It gave him a genuine confidence that we hadn’t seen before. Jackson had always been a very quiet/reserved kid, but after starting lessons I began to see his self esteem and overall confidence level rise. Each accomplishment he’d make playing not only boosted his confidence in playing guitar, but also in his daily life. I saw a shy kid learn to open up and become more comfortable in personal and social settings. Now, when I see him during a performance I am blown away by how comfortable he looks and feels on stage. That gain in self worth is something my husband and I had worked so hard to bring to Jackson. I truly believe that given the opportunity to take lessons with an amazing teacher helped us accomplish that goal. Something I’ll be forever grateful for.” -Deanna McGinnis


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