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Play it Forward Music Foundation offers financial support to students of all ages who are struggling to pay for private lessons.  Through a simple application, tuition payments are awarded to those with stated financial need, who are motivated to learn and committed to attending lessons.  In addition to private lessons, students are invited to perform at a variety of PIFMF sponsored events.  In some situations, an instrument may be provided.

*Our current lessons are full until June, 2024 and we are actively seeking funding for the next quarter of free lessons. If you are interested in lessons, please fill out a form so we can get you on our waiting list for this wonderful program! If you can give to support a student for a month, quarter, or year, there are students waiting for you donation…SUPPORT A STUDENT NOW

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Running in three-month cycles, recipients will have a set tuition paid directly to their teacher through the Free Music Lessons program.  Cycles run quarterly (January 1,  April 1, July 1, and October 1), with applications processed in the month prior to the start date.  PIFMF works with a student’s current music teacher or tries to pair applicants with established instructors.  At the end of each cycle, students may be recommended for renewal, based on program funding, financial need and commitment to learning.  

Sonoma County-based music teachers are encouraged to refer students who express financial uncertainty.  If you are a music teacher who would like to learn more about our Free Music Lessons program please contact us.

Q: Who can apply for free lessons?  

Any student struggling to pay for private lessons and who is motivated to learn and attend lessons consistently. 

Q: Are lessons only offered to children? 

No. Tuition support for lessons is offered to anyone.

Q: Where are lessons/teachers located?  

Teachers are located throughout Sonoma County. Typically students are referred by their current teacher for financial assistance. In the event that a student does not have a current teacher, we can help find one.

Q: What instruments are taught?  

PIFMF doesn’t actually do the teaching, so as long as there is a teacher, PIFMF is there to support the learning of any instrument.

Q: What if I don’t have an instrument?    

Play It Forward Music Foundation may be able to provide a free instrument. Please complete the Instrument Request Application and we will check our current inventory.

Q: Do you teach in person or remotely? 

Many teachers offer both in person and remote lessons. It is up to the teacher and student to determine their preferred teaching method. 

Q: How many lessons are students offered?  

Free Music Lessons run in three-month cycles covering the cost of 12 weekly, 30-minute lessons.  Students and teachers may work out different schedules, perhaps biweekly 1 hour lessons, but program funding stays the same.

Q: May I reapply if I have already received Free Lessons?


Johnny loves the cello. He works through his frustration instead of getting stuck. The smile and look on his face when he finally plays the piece correctly is amazing.   Thank you for giving him this opportunity.

-Shannon, Parent


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